Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For my demonstration of how to play Yu-Gi-Oh. I will have former duelist Tina Lilabrige help me teach you to play. This game may seem hard to play but it's really easy. There are seven steps to do. First shuffle then draw five cards who ever go's first draws one card. Then it's standby phase but no one cares about that so we go to main phase 1 these is where you can lay cards down you can only lay one monster per turn but you can lay 5 magic or 5 trap cards down. then we go in to battle phase who ever go's first can not attack on the first turn. Then there is main phase 2 you lay down any magic or trap card you need. The final thing left to do End your turn and then your opponent takes their turn.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do you know anyone other then me that plays yu-gi-oh?
What do you think is their favorite card?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's in the game

Yu-gi-oh is a good and fun card game to play, it does allow one to use his imagination and use of strategic techniques to gain the upper hand. yet, i still prefer to play, not a card game, but a paper and dice role playing game. i am and always will be a dungeon's and dragon's fan. this role playing game really let's you go all out. you get to literally be someone you could never truly be in reality. you use your imagination, skills you have as a person and you get to role play the game out as if you were actually there living the game. cards are fun, the books, paper and dice are so much better.

20 questions

1. What are the rules? I do know I bought a booster deck and read the instruction book.
2. How do you win? You fight and battle until you or the other person hits 0.
3. Why do you like yu-gi-oh? I like it be cause it's just fun and it has to do with math.
4. How many players? There can only be up to 2-4.
5. How many cards? There can only be 40 cards in a deck.
6. How long have you liked yu-gi-oh? I've played the game ever sen it came out.
7. What kind of characters are there? There are good monster and there are evil monster.
8. How long have you played? Like I said about number 6 I've played the game ever sens it came out.
9. How did you learn how to play? learn myself
10. Which cards are more/less powerful? The god cards are the more/less powerful cards.
11. How long does a typical game last? The longest time is 1 hr tops.
12. What is your favorite character/card to have? I would choose colossal fighter. Why? Because it's strong in battle.
13. What is your least favorite character/card to have? Is the forced back card Why? well it's in the name.
14. Do you have yu-gi-oh tournaments? No I have not been in any tournaments.
15. In what ways is yu-gi-oh different from other types of card games? Because of the logo on the cards.
16. Who taught you how to play? No one taught me how to play.
17. What's the longest game you've ever played? The longest is an hr.
18. How many people do you usually play? Up to 2-4 players.
19. How many people have you taught to play? Only 3 people in my life.
20. Who is the creator of the game? The creator of the was Kazuki Takahashi.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Cards

Yu-gi-oh card game is a challenging and spiriting game to us. We duel for fun not for personal gain of sponsors. Their are lot of rare cards out there and all we can do is buy and search for them.